NEWS FLASH: PUNK 57 is HERE!!!!


Hello, everyone! I'm so happy to share these exciting new projects I've been working on! 

For those of you who loved BULLY, I'm thrilled to bring you PUNK 57, a new story of young love, high angst, and intense banter. I can't tell you how much fun I had dreaming up Ryen and Misha, two trouble-makers who've finally met their match in each other. And as for what comes after the foreplay...well, I'll let you read to find out. Be on the lookout in September for my next New Adult romance!

And in 2017, the Devil's Night saga continues with HIDEAWAY, the next installment of erotic suspense and chilling twists.
The Horsemen are finally home, building their empire, but not all demons have been laid to rest. The fun is just beginning....

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