The Fall Away Series Comes to Life!

Thank you to Crazies R Us Book Blog for this phenomenal book trailer! It includes an introduction to all of our Fall Away couples and their stories.

*Although each book is written to be a stand alone, it is not recommended. All of the characters develop in each other’s stories, so it’s best to read them in order to build the complete picture.

2 Responses to “The Fall Away Series Comes to Life!”

  1. PAULA MARIE says:

    I am sad that some readers would say such things, the negative ones. To be honest, I was shocked when it was revealed that Jared was struggling. He has something going on that only he can fix but ya know what? It’s natural and I like that you made it that way. I mean, it’s realistic that Jared & Tate will have to go through some painful stuff before they find each other again. I was shocked and sad but as much I love a story that’s easy breezy, I do appreciate when a writer mixes things up and rattles things (in a good way) and it’s growth, it’s growing up and in real life, things like that happen. I guess some are mad bec let’s face it, most people read as an escape and in books we get that HEA & that bubble was rattled with the snippet in FA. But ya know what? Don’t mind them. There are A LOT of fans out there, the real ones that accepts the work of their beloved author and I am one. Just remember the good ones. 😉
    I am excited for AFLAME and I honestly want Tate to have another relationship. Waaaaa! I want Jared jealous. HAHAHHAHA! I would’ve the same reaction as Tate but in a long run you would understand that Jared needs to find himself and be the man that he wants to be to be able to love Tate as a whole. And like Jax said, they would be miserable if they will not separate and just ignore the feeling that there is something lacking. You have to feel secure, confident & content within yourself before you can fully love someone.
    I ♥ you, Penelope Douglas!
    Now, give that husband of yours the gift you haven;t givn him yet. The one you wrote in the dedication & ignore the nega peeps. Mwaaaaaaa!

  2. Kubra Sahiner says:

    I am desperate to get my hands on Aflame but I do have to say that Teaser killed me. I am literally dying on the inside. To me Tate and Jared were THE couple and seeing them seperate and have different relationships oh god my head hurts from thinking about that. If Jared gets into another relationship I think I will have a mental breakdown. This series and this couple is so engraved in me that from now on they will be a part of me. I love this series, your writing and You Penelope but honest to God you are KILLING ME. I just NEED them to have a HEA and creating one my in head is not enough. I need it printed on paper ugh . I will never sleep till I get this series in my hand. I wish you a long merry life Penelope so you can continue writing haha xoxo forever and always a fan of your work