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Hello everyone!

Over the past year, I’ve attended several author events, and they have been some of the most amazing experiences of my life. Imagine a girl who didn’t have the support of her peers as a youth and how wonderful it is that people actually want to meet her now. Talk about a change of pace! It has all been surreal but definitely wonderful, too. These events have validated who I am and what’s been hiding in my head for so many years, and I hope I’ve never taken any of it for granted.

Thank you to each and every reader who has come out to get a book signed or just say “hi.” And thank you to the organizers and volunteers who do it all out of the goodness of their hearts.

Unfortunately, I am going to start pulling back from events in the future. The hubs and I have had to talk and prioritize, because even though the events are fun for the both of us, it has taken a toll on our family. Since we have no relatives here in Las Vegas, we have no one to help when I travel. Since my husband would need to take off work anyway to watch our daughter, I usually just bring my family with us, so we all can enjoy the trip. This means Aydan misses school.

After three trips just in the past four months, we’ve faced the reality that my husband’s job and my daughter’s education are far more important. For this reason, I have cancelled my Melbourne, Australia signing next October. My daughter would have to miss school for an extended period of time, and while I could go without my family, it wouldn’t be fun or fair to leave them out. I am truly sorry to disappoint anyone, but I hope you understand.

My Portland signing in July is still on (it’s summer break-YAY!), and I have every intention of getting to Australia eventually. For now, we are slowing down, but once I’m confident that Aydan is above level, a trip here and there during the school year shouldn’t be out of the question. Thank you for understanding, and again, I am truly sorry to disappoint.

xoxo Penelope

7 Responses to “Author Events”

  1. Delilah says:

    Understandand completely as I’m a mum of 4, but I bought tickets to the melbourne event because you were going….give me a minute to weep.

  2. Delilah says:

    Understandand completely as I’m a mum of 4, but I bought tickets to the melbourne event because you were going….give me a minute to weep…Ok, I will just have to wait a little longer to see you xo

  3. Danielle says:

    Family always come first!

  4. Tina says:

    I completely understand, I work with kids and know how important family, school and consistency are to children. I hope that I do get to meet you at a signing one day. 🙂

  5. Eva says:

    It’s understandable. Family comes first. It’s not just your life, it’s their s too.
    (But be honest: He’s just afraid of snakes and stuff 🙂 😀 )

  6. Di Porteous says:

    Hi Penelope
    Completely understand! You are an awesome Mum & wife. Wishing you every success for the release of Aflame and whatever else you are currently working on.