Order Signed Books!!


Please read the following before filling out the form…

I sell signed books semi-annually. I don’t offer them year round through my website simply because I’d rather take orders as my schedule allows instead of trying to make trips to the post office while I’m on deadline. The window for ordering will close Feb. 1, 2016.

I have a limited supply of books at my home and more coming. If I have your book in stock, I will send out invoices to the email address you provide on the form within the next few days. Once paid, your book(s) will be mailed. If you don’t receive an invoice in the next few days, that means I ran out of books and am awaiting a new shipment. I WILL FULFILL ALL ORDERS. And I will only send invoices when I have your books ready to ship.

Just as a reminder, this will be the last time I take orders for ALL of my books. In the future, I’ll do Bully and Corrupt, but it’s getting to be a big job for one person, so after this, I’ll be cutting back. At least until I can hire some help 😉 Thanks for understanding.

This is open internationally, and, again, the form closes Feb. 1 <3

2 Responses to “Order Signed Books!!”

  1. Hy, I love all your books and would be a dream come true to have any of your books signed By You!I am an italian reader and I read a lot of english books too! You are one of my favorite Author! I collaborate with the blog Il rumore dei Libri in the english books section! I would like to order bully, Aflame and corrupt signed By you, but any of your books is ok for me!!thanks for the opportunity! Hope to see you soon in Italy

  2. Katherine Knight says:

    I would like to have Bully, Until You, Corrupt, and if possible Aflame signed.